A lesson Michael Gove should remember

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Thank you, Mr. Gove. Today you gave education professionals everywhere hope. Not just because you’ve withdrawn your proposals to replace GCSEs with the English Baccalaureate, excellent news though this is. No, today you demonstrated that you can and do listen to the experts. Last month the education select committee released their damning report on the impact of government policy on the provision of careers guidance in schools. Having written about this at length elsewhere it should have provided an excellent opportunity for another rallying blog, but I just couldn’t summon the will. Despite this fantastic and politically heavyweight ammunition for the campaign for coherent, embedded, quality assured careers guidance, the Department for Education seemed so utterly impregnable that I for one was beginning to lose hope.
Today however, I’ve regained my mojo and find myself in unfamiliar territory, directing my ire at the opposition and the media. Mr. Gove’s actions today should be celebrated and endorsed. Of course we’d rather our politicians consulted sensibly and got policy decisions spot on in the first place, but when they do get something wrong they should be encouraged to listen to the evidence and given the opportunity to climb down gracefully.
So thank you, Mr. Gove, for listening, and for changing your mind. And please, please will you make a habit of it?

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